Tuesday, February 2, 2010

You know you can buy that in a store?

I’ve always teased my hunting buddies that for $10 bucks you can buy a hell of a nice steak in the supermarket. It’s always fun to razz my friends when they are getting ready to head into the woods on the first day of deer season. They already anteed up cold hard cash for licenses, hunting clothes, guns, ammo, hunting videos, scent masks ect. How many dollars did they shell out and how much time did they spend for the opportunity to perhaps see, potentially shoot, maybe kill and hopefully eat something?

As a kid I remember my dad taking me on a fishing trip, on a charter boat in NJ, for sea trout. It was a good day. We caught 5 or 6 each and as a little kid I was on top of the world. As we were cleaning the fish, my dad started running thru a little mental game with me, as he was prone to do. We added up all the costs of the little trip and divided it by the approximate weight of the cleaned fish. I don’t remember the exact figures, but it was high, $40 some bucks per pound.

Why the hell am I rambling on about the price of game? Well there is a reason. For some silly reason I decided that I wanted to brew my own beer. Did you know that I could buy a really tasty pale ale right up the street from me? As a matter of fact, there are a phenomenal number of really good beers out on the market now. Beers that even actually taste like something. So why would I bother to make my own beer. Well I wish I had an impressive answer. I’d love to write about this deep passion I have for exotic hops. Or a burning desire to study fermentation rates. Maybe even a dream to tweak a favorite recipe to bring about a nutty hoppiness or some bullshit like that. But really I just wanted to give it a try. Oh and the 54 bottles waiting to be drunk…$3.54 each!

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