Thursday, February 11, 2010


Well my vacation is going pretty close to as planned. This is the first time I've tagged along with a large group for a ski trip. Some pros and cons. Pro: lots of people to ski with. Con:Very few want to really ski. The trend for the bulk of the group is to hit the slopes at the crack of 10:30. Ski till noon take a long lunch. Then hit the showers at 2:00.

This "strategy" does not really jive with my normal vacation protocol and definately not a ski trip. Usually the game plan is catch the first chair when the resort opens and then bribe the lift operator with the promise of free beers in the bar for one more ride up after the place closes.

The good news for me is I am trying to take this oppurtunity to learn some patience. It's not really working so well. Even though I've recruited a small handful to stretch the daily ski limits to a more Mike acceptable time frame, it feels like hurding cats.

The other good news is that with my new recruits, I am getting a pretty full day. After they wear down and head for the obligatory after ski beverage, I've been able to crank out a couple runs before I find that beer lusting liftie to let me squeeze in one more run. I'm tired, a little sore, and very happy.

Plenty of time to relax when none of my body parts work anymore:)

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  1. If they want to sit on their butts... they could have done that at home for a lot less money...staring at a full wall mural of a ski resort!