Tuesday, September 20, 2011

DCIII-Coming at you!


Double Cross III

Fast Like Pancakes Race Promotions

What? 2XCross race. Well actually 2.

When? Friday September 23, 2011 Preride course starting at 6PM. First race at 7PM. Second race at 8PM or 10 minutes after the last rider finishes the first race.

Where? Saltsburg, PA (Specifics handed out to the invited only)

Why? Cause you can’t 2Xcross enough.

Entry fee-One six pack of beer. You are welcome to drink your entry fee or that of the other racers before you leave, (please be responsible), while you are racing, between races, or after the races. I’m keeping what’s left.

MTB-XCROSS-SS friendly.

Awards/prizes=none but the glory, and maybe a picture with a “podium” girl.

Course description-tougher than you think. Tight twisty off camber turns, 2 run-ups, 2 sets of barriers. Fast, fun, challenging.

Live music-if you bring it

Camp fire-s’mores, hot apple cider, hot chocolate.

Awesome spectator location where you can view 90% of the course, by the fire.

Second race will require lights-maybe even the first. (Additional sets of lights, may be available on a first come first shine basis)

You do not have to race to come out and enjoy the scene

Highly encouraged to get there early enough to pre ride the course before the race

Must sign a hold harmless waiver, plus a temporary last will and testament.

Monday, September 12, 2011

Methuselah WINS!

Roaring Run MTB Race

Typically I don’t like write ups for a races I do well in. Where the races I do well in are WAY more fun to ride, the write up isn't. But inthis case, as an old man, I find this both amusing and fulfilling, so here it goes.

After the race the second place guy, who is mid 20’s or so,is standing next to me and we are talking about how hard the race was and howhe could never close the gap to me. Frankly I’m gloating, winning the race overallafter having not even cracked the top 10 in years, while this guy has podiumedseveral times. As they start the awards ceremony they call “our first awardgoes to First Place Masters….Michael Maher.” I start to walk up and he sayswith a puzzled look on his face, “you’re a masters?”, and I respond “I’m 45.”He puts his head down and just mutters, “Sonof a bitch!”

Tuesday, September 6, 2011


24 Hours of Seven Springs

Sometimes victory has nothing to do with winning and everything to do with overcoming personal obstacles and exceeding individual limitations. Once again I have found great inspiration in my teammates at Seven Springs.
Everyone one of you did something this weekend to push at your own boundaries, test yourself, and hopefully make you realize that most limitations are self imposed.
Thank you you being a part of what I love most about bike riding and racing in general. Watching others and feeling myself push up against that invisible wall that holds us all back. I think we all moved it back some this weekend!
Also so many thanks to all our support crew which made the event so much more fun. Watching all the kids playing, and rolling back into camp amid the laughter was really uplifting. Once again this event is ALWAYS bigger than a bunch of people riding in circles for 24 hours.