Sunday, January 31, 2010

Why Pale and Scrawny

Well, cause I am. Pale and scrawny that is. Yeah it's an affliction of which I'm a little ashamed. Sure it's bearable and beats the crap out of something serious like MS or Jumping Frenchman Disease . But some things you can hide, PNS you can't. No matter where I go or who I meet, PNS is always there, often making itself known before people even get my name. I know that many times, people look at me with pity. Mercifully, most are too polite to say anything. Fortunately, I have developed some good coping mechanisms to help me bear this burden. I've always used humor to help alleviate some of the sting associated with pains in my life. PNS is no different. I make jokes, write stories and try to convince myself and others that PNS is OK, even amusing at times. But even still, it has been a limiting factor in my life. For instance I would never date a woman who could out bench press me. Believe me, there aren't a whole host of ladies who can't move a soup can off of their chest.

So as part of the coping mechanism, I've sought out hobbies and arranged my life style to best suit or take advantage of my PNS. I race bikes and do triathlons. Here skinny folks excel! I was the high school lead in our rendition of Casper, the Holy Ghost. Didn't even need makeup! So over time, I've worked to change my mindset to look at PNS not as a curse but as a bit of a blessing. Isn't that a sign that I've come to terms with my oppressor? I hope so. Years of counseling and self propaganda have led me to a place where I'm almost comfortable in my skin (except for the psoriasis) more on that later. Anyhow I'm feeling better about me and hope to share more in a positive light. In the meantime check this out (Pale and Scrawny = SEXY) and believe with me that PNS is a gift.