Sunday, October 10, 2010



Sponsored by Fast Like Pancakes Promotions

When: 10-22-10

  • 6:00 course opens for practice

  • 6:45 KIDS race

  • 7:00 DC # 1- 4 lap race-course similar to last time. Lights will be necessary. (and yes you will have to hit the gong)

  • 8:30 DC#2-Clunker Cross. If possible, bring a beater. ANY kind of bike will do. Road, MTB, Cross, BMX, comfort, tricycle. ANYTHING. Flat pedals on the clunker please. Street value of your clunker under $100. Clunker Cross will be short cross format

  • 9:00 General frivolity, camp fire, live music, fun

Where: Saltsburg

Why: Fun

Who: Invitation Only for racers-please ask if you want to invite a friend to race. Spectators-general party attendees-come one come all

Entry Fee: 6-pack of beer and 1 jack-o-lantern. Yes you are still encouraged to drink your entry fee before, during or after the race. However, I claim ALL leftovers, so bring something good

Costume: Not required, but encouraged

Food: Hot apple cider, s’ mores, hot chocolate, snaps -n-dips provided. Maria will try to have a little pasta salad or something for anyone coming from work and who is unable to eat prior to arrival. Pizza delivered around 9:00-feel (feel free to chip in for pizza.) Bring anything else you want to eat or drink

Hold Harmless/Last Will and Testament-required


  1. Will our clunkers get damaged, or be subject to "Ghost Riding" in the course of Event #2?!

  2. No ghost riding, even thought that is tempting considereing Halloween is right around the corner. Clunkers will not be intentionally harmed. However, there is a chance that some ill may befall them. But remember...we will be racing bikes at night on a stoooopid course. Things can go wrong.