Monday, September 12, 2011

Methuselah WINS!

Roaring Run MTB Race

Typically I don’t like write ups for a races I do well in. Where the races I do well in are WAY more fun to ride, the write up isn't. But inthis case, as an old man, I find this both amusing and fulfilling, so here it goes.

After the race the second place guy, who is mid 20’s or so,is standing next to me and we are talking about how hard the race was and howhe could never close the gap to me. Frankly I’m gloating, winning the race overallafter having not even cracked the top 10 in years, while this guy has podiumedseveral times. As they start the awards ceremony they call “our first awardgoes to First Place Masters….Michael Maher.” I start to walk up and he sayswith a puzzled look on his face, “you’re a masters?”, and I respond “I’m 45.”He puts his head down and just mutters, “Sonof a bitch!”


  1. Yup. Test(y) ...was exactly what that 20-something kid was after YOU were done with him.
    -henry :)

  2. He was a good sport. More shocked that I was old, than upset I beat him.

  3. Nice work Mike .......... way to crush it !!

    - Kirk

  4. Why is everyone havering trouble posting with their Google id?