Monday, September 20, 2010


• Racing Double Cross
• Watching Double Cross
• Double Cross Kids
• Driving to and from the events
• Eating hot s’mores, apple cider, hot chocolate, choking on tortilla chips, ect
• Sitting by a camp fire
• Stray gunfire, explosives and or direct or indirect meteor strikes
• Anything else not specifically mentioned, but might occur during any of the events on this date, or the preceding 62 months, or at anytime from this point forward till the end of time/second coming.
I realize that bike riding is inherently dangerous. Racing bikes even more so. Racing cyclocross bikes raises that threat to a higher level. Racing cyclocross bikes at night is even more phenomenally hazardous. Racing cyclocross bikes, at night on a course designed by Mike is frankly dodgy at best and potentially life threatening at worst. I get all that, yet still chose to take part in the Double Cross Event. I hold Mike Maher, Dave Zielinski, their heirs, family, friends, pets, chickens, Walker Way Estates, Fast Like Pancakes Race Promotions, and anyone else associated with, even knows about this race, or anyone just passing thru COMPLETELY HARMLESS. I know this is antithetical to our society, but I personally take 100% accountability and responsibility for any and all actions and the potential results for any fortunes and or misfortunes that may befall me as a result of direct or indirect participation in any of the festivities associated with said events.

Temporary Last Will and Testament
In the event that I should die or be rendered partially or totally unable to ride my bike as result of anything that occurs today, I accept full responsibility for the incident and herby bequeath my bike and any and all cycling related equipment to Mike. If the stuff doesn’t fit, doesn’t work, smells bad, or is crap, Mike has the right to donate said ill fitting, broken, smelly crap to his favorite charity or use it as fuel to keep the fire going.


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